Common G1000 Mistakes, Part II

User defined waypoints are extremely handy, but a lot of G1000 pilots do not even know they exist. All instrument pilots are familiar with waypoints. Waypoints are what make up GPS IFR routes. User defined waypoints can be utilized for any type of[..]

Common G1000 Mistakes, Part I

We have all been that pilot. Whether it is trying to load an approach or just set the altimeter, when we get in a rush, it seems the wrong button is always pushed. That can be frustrating when a flight plan is all programmed in, then it disappears.[..]

Ross Wycoff, Houston, Texas

“I flew with Skip for my bi-annual flight review. After being out of the left seat for a couple of months, Skip’s teaching techniques were just what I needed to rebuild my confidence. He has the ability to convey the vast amount of knowledge he has flying[..]

Dealing with Display Failures

Display Backup Button

On the long list of what can go wrong in a G1000 cockpit, a Garmin Display Unit (GDU) failure is less of a Maalox moment than other failures. A non-proficient pilot, though, might be lost when the PFD or MFD goes black. Here’s how to handle the situation.[..]