David Warden, Houston, Texas

“Skip and Brandon run a very focused, time-efficient, and professional operation. It was a pleasure, and they each “go the extra mile” in making the experience worth the time and money.”[..]

Linda Spanos, State College, Pennsylvania

“In my transition from flying a Diamond DA40 to a Cessna 400 I find my training from HPA to be invaluable. Brandon knows my aircraft like the back of his hand and is a very thorough teacher. His explanations are very concise. I am amazed at how much we[..]

Holding with the G1000

Holding Pattern

”November Four Seven Two Mike Charlie, hold as published on the VOR, maintain five thousand, expect further clearance in thirty minutes.” Those dreaded words no IFR pilot wants to hear. In yeoman’s terms, a hold clearance screams “DELAY!”[..]

The Direct To Key

The direct to key is an aid to VFR pilots and a must for IFR pilots. On VFR cross countries, I encourage all VFR pilots to still create flight plans for VFR flights, utilizing paper and pencil planning, then plugging it into the G1000 using user defined[..]

Flight Planning & Fuel Calculations

How much fuel does the airplane you are flying hold? This is a very important question that most pilots take for granted. Let’s keep things simple and use a Cessna Skyhawk for example. It holds 53 usable gallons of fuel. At an average cruise power[..]

Flight Plans in the G1000

Stored Flight Plan-1

For you pilots out there, think back to your student pilot days. Think to that point between the first solo and the check ride. That point where you knew how to land safely (sort of), but you still had some more to learn. This is known as the cross[..]

IFR Flying With the G1000

Flying in the Clouds

Flying by reference to instruments is a challenge that, once mastered, can be one of the ultimate pleasures in flying. Whenever a private pilot is in the pattern and, all of a sudden, another pilot comes over the radio with a snappy tone: “November[..]