In-Depth Review of the Cessna TTx T240

Garmin G2000 Cessna TTx

In April 2014, I had the opportunity to fly the new Cessna TTx for the first time. A derivative of the previous Cessna 400 “Corvalis TT”, the TTx is Cessna’s latest offering of a high performance aircraft with a sleek and sexy airframe.[..]

Backcountry Flying in Idaho

7 IMGP0033_2

To this day I still think about the beauty in that area and how it is so much different from the city life (both living and aviation). It was an absolutely amazing experience that I encourage every pilot to see for themselves in one of the most beautiful[..]

Mountain Flying in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming


The valley and surrounding terrain bring very odd and unpredictable weather, with freezing fog, snow, and low clouds popping up without notice. Since the mountains are so high, you also cannot get radar services or flight following in the valley or below[..]

Flight Plan Views in the G1000

G1000 Flight Plan

One of the great (and sometimes confusing) things about the G1000 is that it provides many options for customization. One of the simplest options available to us is the ability to change the layout of the Flight Plan page on the MFD.[..]

The Cessna Factory Experience

Cessna Independence Factory

Back in December, I had the chance to go to the Cessna Factory in Independence, KS to receive my Cessna FITS Accepted Instructor training. Now, the city of Independence isn’t much to write home about, but the experience I had at the factory sure was[..]

Using VNAV on an Approach (Garmin G1000) Part II

RNAV Approach KWLD

In my last article, we discussed some advanced functionality of VNAV for descent planning. VNAV is typically used for enroute descents and to meet crossing restrictions on descent. In this article we show an example of how you can incorporate VNAV on[..]

Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot and Flight Director

GFC 700 Flight Director

Ever wish your airplane could fly itself? With the Garmin GFC 700, that vision is getting closer to reality. In the past, some GA aircraft have been equipped with rate-based autopilots, like the S-TEC 55X or the Bendix-King KAP 140. Some of these autopilots[..]

Garmin G1000 VNAV Tips and Tricks

VNAV Profile

The VNAV function on a G1000 or Garmin Perspective system is a great resource to assist pilots in planning descents. It takes a lot of the math out of the process. Here are some advanced tips and tricks for utilizing the VNAV function properly.[..]

The Garmin GTN 650

GTN 650 Map Page

I was taking a peek into a Cirrus a few weeks back, probably a 2002 or 2003 SR22. A quick glance at the panel and the GPS’s showed me everything was as it should be: 2 Avidyne screens, 2 Garmin 430s, the S-TEC 55x autopilot. The pilot offered to take[..]