Direct-To vs. Flight Plan on your Garmin GPS

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Do you know the difference between navigating using Direct-To versus navigating with a Flight Plan while using your Garmin GPS?
Let’s summarize the function of each:
Direct-To = Present position direct to the active waypoint.
Flight Plan = Point[..]

The Wild, Wild West: Transition Training in The Copper State

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Providing training throughout the country, gaining from all the experiences this great country has to offer![..]

Cold, Alone and Afraid: Flying in the Northeast

BOS-SLK Screenshot

An unexpected schedule change, Icing conditions and Low IFR. Center inquired what the ride was like at 8000, my reply was light rime/light turbulence but nothing I could not handle, I would soon regret thinking that last part.[..]

Mountain Flying in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming


The valley and surrounding terrain bring very odd and unpredictable weather, with freezing fog, snow, and low clouds popping up without notice. Since the mountains are so high, you also cannot get radar services or flight following in the valley or below[..]

WAAS In It For You?

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In the age of rapidly changing technology it is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest computer, tablet, or smart phone. Aviation is beginning to see similar technological innovation at a pace unmatched in any previous period of history.[..]

Flight Plan Views in the G1000

G1000 Flight Plan

One of the great (and sometimes confusing) things about the G1000 is that it provides many options for customization. One of the simplest options available to us is the ability to change the layout of the Flight Plan page on the MFD.[..]

Hand Propping Gone Wrong


Since I began flying, I have always felt a connection with older and vintage airplanes. It is something about the true meaning of aviation when flying in a wood and fabric built machine from the 1940s…[..]

First Solo flight in IMC and Circling Approach at Night

Night Clouds

I was extremely fixated on the runway, and as I turned base, something just told me to look down at my airspeed indicator and to my surprise I was only a few knots away from entering an uncoordinated stall[..]

Bird Strike

Bird Strike

As I passed downtown Houston, out of nowhere a bird hit the airplane. Its guts were splattered all across the windshield and my heart started to race. I looked down at I-10 again and thought to myself “I can’t land there”. I didn’t know if the[..]