Columbia 300 Training

The Columbia 300 is a high-performance composite aircraft powered by a 310 HP normally aspirated Continental IO-550-N. Originally developed by Lancair as the LC40-550FG, the 300 was certified in 1998. The Lancair Columbia 300 cruises at a comfortable 190 KTAS at 75% power.

In 2003, the Columbia 300 was upgraded to a glass cockpit and featured other design improvements as it was certified as the new Columbia 350 (LC42-550FG). In late 2007, Cessna Aircraft Company purchased the assets of Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing (CAM) and renamed the aircraft the Cessna 350 Corvalis.

Lancair Columbia 300 Training Courses:

We participate in CAART (Columbia / Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training) and in Cessna’s CFAI (Cessna FITS Accepted Instructor) program. We offer the following Columbia 300 training programs:

  • Initial Transition Training
  • Insurance Checkout
  • Recurrent Training
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  • Flight Review (BFR)

If you are looking for insurance-accepted or factory-approved training on the Lancair Columbia 300, contact us today find out more.