Columbia 400 Training

As the fastest single-engine, fixed-gear production aircraft, the Columbia 400 is capable of 235 KTAS at 25,000’ MSL.  The aircraft is powered by a twin-turbo 310 HP Continental TSIO-550-C engine.

Similar to the 300 and 350, the 400 features a larger rudder and elevator providing more control authority.  The aircraft has been fully certified as a spin-recoverable airplane, meaning that there is no requirement for an airframe parachute.  Another benefit of the Columbia airframe is the 25,200 hour airframe lifetime.

This high-performance composite aircraft was originally produced by Lancair and certified as the LC41-550FG.  The Lancair Columbia 400 was later produced by Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing as the Columbia 400.  Then, in late 2007, Cessna Aircraft Company purchased the assets of Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing (CAM) and renamed the aircraft the Cessna 400 Corvalis TT.

Lancair Columbia 400 Training Courses

We participate in CAART (Columbia / Cessna Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training) and in Cessna’s CFAI (Cessna FITS Accepted Instructor) program.   We offer the following Columbia 400 training programs:

  • Initial Transition Training
  • Insurance Checkout
  • Recurrent Training
  • High Performance Endorsement
  • Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
  • Flight Review (BFR)

If you are looking for insurance-accepted or factory-approved training on the Columbia 400, contact us today find out more.